ÖTG Honorary Award – TRIBOLINO 2019 Awarded to the Metalworking Industry Association (FMTI)

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The TRIBOLINO is an award presented by the Austrian Tribology Society in recognition of special services to the interests and goals of the ÖTG. The awarding of this distinction is the presentation of the prize symbol in the form of a statuette made up of tribology symbols (machine elements). The TRIBOLINO was last awarded in 2016.

ÖTG President Prof. Dr. Andreas PAUSCHITZ (left) hands over the TRIBOLINO together with the certificate to the deputy chairman of the Metal Technical Industry Association Dipl.-Ing. Johannes COLLINI (right). © FMTI – WKO, Wien

At the ÖTG General Assembly 2019, the members of the ÖTG Board of Directors in attendance unanimously approved the proposal to award “TRIBOLINO 2019” to the Association of the Austrian Metalworking Industry (FMTI) of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. The decision was made in view of the recurring and sustained support for the activities of the ÖTG, in particular:

  • Promotion of communication in the field of industrial users of tribology and strengthening the awareness of subject-specific research in Austria and
  • Promotion of the association’s activities by regularly providing conference infrastructure and in-kind contributions for events.

The statuette and the award certificate were handed over on 09.03.2020 in the premises of the association in Vienna by the president of the ÖTG, Prof. Dr. Andreas PAUSCHITZ. On behalf of FMTI, the deputy chairman of the association, Dipl.-Ing. Johannes COLLINI, accepted the award.

In his acceptance speech, Dipl.-Ing. Johannes COLLINI emphasized the importance of contributions from technical disciplines, such as tribology, for the training of young professionals.