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10 December 2018 09:55 Age: 2 yrs
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„Best Lecture Award 2018“ for Univ.-Prof. Dr. Carsten GACHOT

Tribology Teaching at TU Vienna Awarded – "Best Lecture Award 2018" for Prof. Dr. Carsten GACHOT

Univ.-Prof. Carsten GACHOT

Trophy ”Best Lecture Award”

Dr. Carsten GACHOT – previously a scientific employee in the field of materials science and materials technology, chair for functional materials, at Saarland University, Saarbrücken, as well as at Imperial College London – was appointed University Professor for Tribology at the Vienna University of Technology on 01 October 2016. Thus the field of tribology was officially (again) established at this tertiary educational institution.

The "Best Lecture Award" is presented to a particularly outstanding course. In the case of Univ.- Prof. GACHOT, this relates to the lecture "Tribology of Machine Elements", which is in particular offered to the students of mechanical engineering. The participants of this course have obviously memorized the subject and, above all, its convincing and inspiring didactic presentation. The auditorium's vote not only rewards the lecturer's commitment, but also brings tribology once again "on stage" or into the consciousness of academic events in a special way.

In the course of the above-mentioned course of 2 semester hours per week (SWS), the necessary basics of tribology (tribological system, technical surfaces, wear and friction) are explained at the beginning, followed by a transition to applicationoriented examples in the field of machine elements. Numerical simulation methods in friction theory are also addressed. This course is ideally complemented by the lecture "Lubricated Contacts – Introduction to Lubricant-Surface Interactions" (also 2 SWS), in which the tribological fundamentals are dealt with in more detail and in which lubricants are especially in the focus. The lectures are an integral part of the "Advanced Module Machine Elements and Tribology" for the students of the Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and represent the field of work of the Tribology Group headed by Prof. GACHOT. They fit in harmoniously with the other courses offered at the Institute of Engineering Design and Technical Logistics, to which Prof. Dr. Friedrich FRANEK, ÖTG President, belongs, albeit retired.

Professor GACHOT is member of the ÖTG Board and also involved as a key researcher in research projects at the Center of Excellence for Tribology in Wiener Neustadt (Lower Austria) and in particular supervises several ongoing doctoral theses. We wish Prof. GACHOT all the best in terms of training the next generation of tribologists and further developing the Tribology Group at Vienna University of Technology.

Martina GANTAR-HOFINGER, 05.12.2018

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