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24 November 2018 00:00 Age: 2 yrs
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Excellence Center of Tribology in Wiener Neustadt

COMET project "InTribology1" submitted

In spring 2018, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (Österreichische Forschungs-förderungsgesellschaft mbH – FFG) published a call for proposals within the framework of the COMET programme1, inviting (re-)submissions of "COMET-K2 centres" (running from 2020 onwards). According to the programme guidelines, the core task for such K2 centres is "the focusing of existing competences and the development of new ones through cooperation with internationally renowned researchers, scientific partners and companies in a joint, strategically oriented research programme at the highest level2".

By autumn 2018, the funding application "COMET K2 Tribology Intelligence - Customized Tribology for Industrial Innovations (acronym: InTribology1)" was prepared on the basis of more than 100 Letters of Comittment from company partners and scientific Partners, and submitted in good time before 24 October 2018. The review phase is now underway and will conclude with an expert hearing at the end of May 2019. The funding decision is expected to be published at the beginning of June 2019.

In the event of a positive decision on the funding application, the FFG will conclude a funding contract with AC2T research GmbH as consortium leader for a period of 4 years. On this basis long-term projects in the field of industrial research and experimental development and related projects in the field of basic research will be funded by approximately 50 %. The focus is on a research programme jointly developed by science and industry. Participation is possible irrespective of the size of the organisation, the sector in which it operates or its geographical location. Thus, international Project Partners can also participate in the Research Programme on a pro rata basis.

Those interested in project cooperation are invited to contact the AC2T management (Dr. Andreas PAUSCHITZ,

20.11.2018 / Andreas PAUSCHITZ