Austrian Tribology Conference (ÖTG Symposium 2019) – 21.11.2019

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The traditional annual symposium of the Austrian Tribological Society took place in 2019 upon invitation of ÖTG member V-Research GmbH in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg. The symposium focused on the question “Tribology – Impulses through digitization?”

The scientific management of AC²T – Priv.-Doz. Dr. Nicole DÖRR and Dr. Ewald BADISH – during their presentation on the future research program “InTribology“. © ÖTG / M. LIND

The scientific management of AC2T research GmbH presented the research guidelines of the Center of Excellence for Tribology, a ” research subsidiary ” of ÖTG, in the COMET program “Customized Tribology for Industrial Innovations: InTribology – Research Perspectives 2020-2028”. Special attention was paid to the aspect of digital transformation and the integration of “data science” into “tribology”.

The new research program “InTribology” was launched in April 2020 at the Excellence Center for Tribology (AC2T research GmbH). A total budget of approximately 43 million euros is available for InTribology for the period April 2020 to March 2024, primarily for application-oriented cooperative research with partners from the industry. Many individual research topics, especially in the areas of “Friction Optimized Devices”, “Wear Reduction Strategies for Industry”, “Sustainable Lubrication” and “Synaptic Tribology”, concerning the comprehensive application and methodology development for digital transformation in tribology, have already been initiated together with company and scientific partners.

Are you interested in joining the InTribology Consortium?

If you are interested in a project cooperation, please contact the AC²T management (Prof. Dr. Andreas PAUSCHITZ,